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Does your farm have problems? Do you need professionals and practical help on demand? If you’re dissatisfied with your crop yield, now you can hire your own remote agronomist online, on your own terms! With Agronnect you can find freelance professional agronomists with various crop expertise and specialties. You can easily contact them, provide relevant information, photos and videos, get practical advice and solutions to your problems.

Proper farming practices ensure increased productivity and income. Plant better farming practices now!

Go mobile and work with farmers around the world

If you are a professional agronomist, Agronnect can help you communicate remotely with farmers around the world, saving you a lot of traveling time and increasing your income.

We offer a unique online workspace for featured specialists, comfortable interaction with farmers, and jobs in their assigned market. Choose the best offers yourself and enrich your experience! You can help farmers with day-to-day tasks, as well as plan their future growth ahead. Help farming communities around the world by sharing and selling your expertise.

How it works

Professional solutions, faster than ever


Farmer observes issues and gathers evidence

After discovering an issue, a farmer takes photo and video evidence of crop problems and starts looking for a specialist according to their budget and needs.


Farmer finds and hires suitable agronomist

After the agronomist approves the farmer’s request, all the relevant material and information is exchanged with the professional in order to identify the issue.


Solution Found - Take Action!

An agricultural expert analyzes all the provided information and materials,  accurately detects the problem, and swiftly offers a solution. It’s time to put recommendations into practice and take action!.

About us

Agronnect is an innovative agricultural knowledge marketplace founded in 2021.As we are all aware, modern farming, whether it’s industrial agriculture or smallholding, can be expensive. The cost of farming equipment, seeds, and other input doesn’t leave room for mistakes – good and smart management is essential. During the pandemic, this process became even more complex since agronomists could not individually visit every farm and travel around the world. This prompted us to develop a new effective solution to help farmers remotely.

And it worked!

After experimentation and testing, we thoroughly analyzed our results and it became clear to us that agronomists can help farmers remotely if sufficient data is provided. We refined the idea and created a service of remote agronomy – affordable for farmers, and lucrative for agronomists.

Today, knowledge, innovation and benefits in agriculture aren’t equally shared in the world. Climate change, loss of biodiversity, and soil erosion are only making this difference more evident. We believe that better farming practices, sustainable decisions and smarter productions will ensure higher yields, healthy soils, and nutritious food for every farmer around the world.

Now is the time to quickly exchange information, share expertise and have access to the knowledge that can help you. Agronnect can greatly help in this and our aim is to create a (digital) bridge between farmers and specialists.

Start farming better with Agronnect.


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